About Me

I am a voyeur so, it isn’t any wonder photography is my passion. With my camera, I can capture moments that will never be again.
My first 35mm camera was a gift from my mother and father. As a sophomore in high school I left behind my beloved tennis racket to pursue journalism. In the school darkroom, I spent hours and hours developing black and white prints of athletes suited up on courts, tracks and sidelines. Image after image eased into being in those cool, liquid baths revealing light, color and humanity suspended in time. After graduation I put the camera on the highest shelf in the closet and ran off to college and new experiences. Like most people, I walked the miles with blinders on for many years, caught up in working and bill paying. I have never worked at anything I truly, passionately love but I have always truly and passionately loved photographing the world as I see it. And, with the rise of digital photography I discovered a renewed interest and a way of seeing and being wide awake in the world again. So, once again, I am a voyeur…

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you, Thank you. The Universe needs more people like you. I embrassed the sweetness of your soul, the day I met you and knew I had someone special standing before me. I am often a lost soul, wondering why people don’t see the world like I do, without prejudice, rebuking and judgement. I love you Lisa, just the way you are; and now I feel I know you even more by your remarkable photo’s and fluid poetry. I feel gratitude to call you my friend. I think I have a lot to learn from you and would love to stay in touch. You will be forever in my heart. Carrie……….

    • Carrie, I’m truly speechless. I really am. YOUR courage and open heart makes me want to be a better person. Thank you

  2. Hi! My name is Adriana Rivera. For so long I have looked for a picture worthy enough to grab my attention, and now I can honestly say that I found one. I love your photo of the statue of liberty behind the barbed wire. As of now, I am currently writing a report for visual rhetoric and I would love to use the image I described in my presentation. But in order to do that, I require your name. Please let me know if I can know your first and last name so that I can credit your photography adequately. Thanks!

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