Day Trippen

We just arrived home from a tiny road trip in bittersweet celebration of three strong women we love.

My grandmother, Mrs. Wilma Baggett of Lubbock, Texas is 100 years old today. This morning, before celebrating her century of living, she laid her beloved and only daughter, Jane to rest. The weight of this is palpable but as it always has, the strength and character of this amazing woman will carry her as far as God intends. If she could read this, I would want her to know:
You are one of the most influential people in my life. The best parts of me are informed by the best parts of you. 100 years isn’t enough. No amount of time would be enough to spend with you. I love you so very much.

Of Aunt Jane, I will carry fond memories from my childhood. Her velvet voice, her laugh and her peaceful spirit will live inside me forever.

The last but certainly not least is Christy’s late mother, Mrs. Helen Patterson. Tomorrow would have been her birthday and Christy misses her more than I have words to describe. She must have been a very special lady to raise a woman like Christy.

After all that, the following pictures of today’s little jaunt probably don’t make much sense. Here they are anyway. We had fun  🙂

(Yes, that’s a stuffed moose belted in to the back seat. It’s Elliot and we got him at a toy store in Pioneer Square, Seattle WA about 6 years ago. He travels with us just because. I took these photos with my iPhone using the Instagram app)

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