About a month ago, I walked through a OCCUPY PORTLAND camp in downtown Portland, Oregon.  I saw a community.  I saw harmony and synchronicity of thought and purpose.  But I knew, what I saw could not last.  In a relatively short time, the mini society within the boundaries of two beautiful city parks began to resemble the greater society we all inhabit.  The homeless, the wayward youth and the anarchists seeped in and settled. They enjoyed the sense of community and the free food and services provided. The ground beneath the movement turned to trampled grass, then mud.  I watched “the eviction”  unfold on TV over the last couple of days.  As the city resuscitates the parks, the Occupy Portland movement, ironically, moves on to their next historic stand. I don’t have an opinion that I intend to share publicly. I’m merely an observer.  These few snapshots were taken here in Portland and in San Francisco where we visited last month for the Nike Women’s Marathon and really don’t sum up the movement, the experience, or the historical implications.

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2 thoughts on “Occupy

  1. I couldn’t be a part of Occupy Austin, because I was working my low paying, short hours job and trying to study for a government class. There is a lot of irony in there… somewhere.

    Wonderful pictures. Thanks for letting us attend through your eyes.

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