Close To The Edge

I have been close to the edge.  Close enough to know.  Close enough to see….


















A departure for the blog today, but relevant to the theme. And it’s an open letter to those nearest and dearest to me.

My friends, I crave more than anything in life to be understood but I don’t know how to explain the unexplainable.  Those closest to me would say they don’t need to understand to love me. They don’t need to stand at the edge with me to know I’m there. But, if I could, I would write passages with transcendent meaning. If I could, I would sing it to you so you could hear the melodies aching with joy and pain so intense… If I could, I would build it for you and lead you through secret passages to the dark, quiet rooms of my soul.  If I could I would stand at the edge of the cliff with you and show you how birds soar above jagged rocks below. You would see, you would feel, you would know like I know. If I could, I would fly you over the moon and show you the joy that is possible and the depths to which a person can fall. But I would never, knowingly hurt you. It’s a double-edged sword; the left/right, right/wrong, black/white, yin/yang, manic/depressive.  Oh the irony.  “The problem with survival of the fittest is the corpse at your feet”.

I am fine. Everything will be fine.  I don’t mean to scare anyone with this passage. But I have been close to the edge recently. Close enough to know how hospitals are filled with hollow figures whispering to themselves truths only they know.  I will find my center and I will thrive in a life rich with love & support, joy, opportunity and reward.  Not everyone is so loved and so lucky as I.

One thought on “Close To The Edge

  1. You are SO not alone! You are in fact in a big, big club. We just don’t recognize each other because we’re all quite good at wearing masks. We need a handshake or a code word to recognize each other, huh?

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