The City Is Full Of Sailors

The city is full of sailors.

They roam the streets and gather on corners while their vessels wait on the banks of the swollen ,Willamette River.  Dressed in crisp “whites” they look like actors who’ve walked off a movie set in costume.  On the street corners of my hometown in Texas,there were no sailors.  Instead, we had cowboys with names like Wiley and Rusty, their ‘uniforms’ accentuated by gigantic belt buckles and dusty hats. Saturday nights we chased tumbleweeds around the main drag while Night Ranger and Loverboy blasted from our Pioneer car stereos.  I will remember that fondly next time I chase a seagull down Broadway, with the window rolled down and the music cranked up……

Today I saw pictures of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the first since she was shot in the head by a gunman in Tucson last January.  In the words of those closest to her, ‘she is a shadow of her former self’ and yet her beautiful smile and spirit remain.

Recently seen:

*A young man paused on 5th street to meditate in front of a display case full of Buddhas.

*A rubber duckie grounded on the platform at the Merlo Rd train station.

*Amidst a crowd of big haired ladies, a woman exclaimed, “I just love Billy Ray”, clutching her heart as if it hurt.

*A beach ball in gravel along the Tri-Met train tracks in Beaverton, Oregon.  Separated from a trailer park by a cinder block wall, it seemed like an ironic resting place for a beach vacation toy.

*Under a rising sun, I saw a bluebird perched on the bony spine of a dead weed.

*Slightly built, bald man in lederhosen. Every inch of visible skin covered with Celtic tattoos.

*A lost soul with pleading, bloodshot eyes. Cheeks red and puffy from the sun. Holding a sign, “Homeless and ugly”.

*One man & one woman in a minivan, a poodle on each lap.

*On a recent Friday night drive I saw:  A bonfire.  A leather-clad biker straddling his hog, the arms of his lover wrapped around his waist. Tiny T-ball players with intense parents screaming on the sidelines.  Dog walkers. Smoke rising from a patio grill.  I opened the sun roof, turned up the music and felt like an American badass.

Here are a few urbanscapes, mostly from this weekend.  Enjoy, and let me know how I’m doing.  🙂  *images are best viewed large. Please click on picture to enlarge

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