I took this picture a short time after my mother’s death in 2007 with a point & shoot camera.  It seems every year around this time,  I look back at it and the text I wrote to accompany it.  I’m sharing it with you today and hoping you will be able to celebrate your mother tomorrow in some way.  I know I will.  🙂

—–July 15, 2007 – Minutes & hours are filled with memories & tears. There are sobs & wails that come from a place so terribly deep & wounded. And, there are moments of clarity & deep peace knowing my mother no longer hurts. They say grieving is a journey that one travels in his/her own way. I’m walking the miles of that journey now & forever; one, healing step at a time. Mom, I love you purely & simply, with all my heart. In your memory & in your honor I take my first steps BACK TO LIFE…. —————–

Please take a moment to visit my photography blog, SEEING INTO LIFE which features some of my finer work.  Sounds so pretentious!


4 thoughts on “Mom

  1. I, too, am thankful for your mom. Because she had you. You are one of the most dearest souls in my heart, my friend. So, I am thankful to your mom.

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