Brain Purge

Time for a brain purge. 
Recently I saw, heard and thought:
A flurry of sparrows. A smiling sun after months of rain.
A comb in a giant afro. Shy tulips. ‘Am I living, or waiting to die’?  ‘A song on a mix tape is only as good as the one before it and the one after it’.  A man in a jacket made of feathers. ‘What is better than sunshine and toast’?  ‘The sound of a tree swing in motion is primal’.  A man, walking & reading. Twisted steel. A blue heron perched on a log over still water, its reflection pristine.   On the morning train to Portland, as it descends into the long, dark tunnel under Forest Park, I imagine I’m a ship out on the sea, floating into the belly of a freakishly large whale. Adele singing, “Someone Like You” and breaking my heart a million times in 4 minutes. A man climbed on the train home with a 12 pack of Coors cradled in his arms like a baby….or a bomb. Across the miles, he talked incessantly about beer to his female companion, a dirty baseball cap perched backward on his head. A young man with a mohawk carrying a book, “Shakespeare For Dummies”. Headline-WHAT HAPPENED TO BRISTOL PALIN’S FACE? A fat, black bird on a high wire. NPR-in pictures, Bangladeshi children going to school on a boat in the rainy season due to flooding. They know *everything* about resilience.
Please visit my photography blog, SEEING INTO LIFE.  🙂

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