Pluckable Moon

The moon, perched in the night sky like low hanging fruit. It was almost pluckable. Did you see it?

My soul’s winter is a doozy. So I’m hibernating and unpacking a little baggage. Yes, yes you are right. I have been absent…perhaps fuzzy and ruffled…vacant.  But, my friends, I am not dead or blind.  I saw that moon. 


4 thoughts on “Pluckable Moon

  1. Yes I did see that moon.Shining, glowing bright. Beautiful!!
    Yes you were absent, and missed 😀
    Glad you are back.

  2. I saw it, as did you. And you are right.

    And you are doing what you need to do. Be absent and be content in that absence. Continue to unpack and repack that which needs to be dealt with and put where it needs to be. Take care of you. What better task? Look to that moon and take its glow into your soul and when it’s time, you will begin again. In a new way and with a new awareness. You are a gift to me. And I thank you.

  3. I was coming down the hill to the track. It was almost beyond description. Stirring. I was grateful for the clear night. I just thought of something…… that very same thing happens on the cloudy days too, we just don’t get to see it. The amazing-ness that is you… goes on… always…. we just don’t always get to see it 🙂 Thank you for the windows that you open that help me to see.

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