My rainy day return to Oregon felt so good after a week in the incredibly dry, lone star state.  My finger tips cracked open on the plane ride there and I joked,  ‘I hope I still have lips by the end of the week’.

But beauty and moisture aside, I truly knew I was home when an elderly fellow approached me at a local restaurant and told me I look like Elizabeth Taylor. LOL!  Um, yeah, ok.  All I could say to him was, “oh my”.  He followed the unreasonable compliment with a dagger in my heart.  “You look like a Republican”.  My reaction was, ” NO!  I’m a democrat!!!!”  Why did I feel the need to respond to him at all, much less to share my political affiliation with the whole restaurant?  Well, anyway….he wanted money [for the bus].  He could have just asked me outright. That whole ‘butter me up’ routine was so Portland.   “Toto, I have a feeling we aren’t in ‘Texas’ anymore”…

This is a really old photo of Mt Hood from the west shore of Lost Lake in Oregon.


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