Really?  Is it that time again already?

I emerged from the Public Service Building in downtown Portland Friday afternoon and caught an eye-full of the enormous Douglas Fir ‘Christmas Tree’ that is destined to light up Pioneer Square for the holidays.  It was on a huge flatbed, creeping down 5th street, helicopters hovering high above.  People were standing and watching, whipping out cameras and cell phones to send the moment to buddies and family members.   I stood around for a couple of minutes and enjoyed watching people reacting to the spectacle, then headed toward my lunch destination, Pioneer Square Mall.

An escalator carried me down into the cavernous belly of the mall toward the food court. I heard the sound of sleigh bells and, for a second it was lost on me. But just as I became conscious of what I was hearing, I spied a jolly, bearded man in a furry red coat.  Yeah, I saw Santa.  At the food court.  Two weeks before Thanksgiving.  In downtown Portland, Oregon.  I wonder where HE ate?

Forgot to share this with you last weekend….

Two dudes on a park bench sharing a smoke of some sort.  I passed with my camera hanging from neck.

Dude 1, “Hey are you going to make us famous?” Me, “Sure.” I centered myself at the center of the bench they sat on and lifted the camera to my eye. The two dudes dipped their big, foggy noggins toward each other and flashed me toothy grins and gangster signs.   I took a couple shots and asked if they wanted me to email them the photos.  Dude 2 wasn’t very talkative, but Dude 1 was excited and asked if I could remember his email address.  I told him I would do my best. “Ok, just think rage. It goes, like ragefan****  Can you remember that?” “Yeah”, I said.  “Are you sure?  RAGEFAN!”Uh huh, I got it.   With a good grip on the camera I moved toward the bench to show the dudes their portrait.  Dude 2 approved with a dopey chuckle and dude 2 said, “DUUUUDE!  This is going on Face Book for sure!!!!”  As I walked away snickering to myself, dude 1 yelled, “RAGEFAN!!! Don’t forget”!

Here is a short series of shots from a couple of years ago. The processing on each is different because I never intended to show them together like this.  Have a great Sunday.

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