[Low] Riders

The burger joint around the corner from my office…Two men on hoveround scooters, struggling to keep the doors open so they could enter.  I picked up my pace and hurried to help.  The conversation between the two revealed their status in life as downtrodden, nare-do-wells.  It seemed the older of the two had either offered or agreed to buy the younger man a dollar burger.  Young dude was full of anger and bravado, taunting a police officer to ‘do something about it’ after loudly announcing, “there’s a f#*#%n pig in here.  I hate pigs”.  The older man chided him, suggesting he should ‘keep it down’.  Slowly we all crept closer to the woman standing between us and our lunch.  Suddenly both men whipped their scooters sharply to the left and parked side by side in an inconvenient spot.  Each rose and walked without burden to the counter and placed an order.  Then, with an exaggerated strut, the young guy went to the soda machine and up a couple of steps to a table.  After setting down his drink he skipped down the steps and back to his ride.  Both men drove up the handicap ramp and parked at their table, blocking off a whole section of the restaurant.  “Are you gonna bring it to us?”, young dude barked to the employee cleaning tables.  Sure enough, the meal was delivered to their table,….with a smile.

Afternoon-woman in full back and neck brace, pushing another woman in a wheelchair.  Running in vain, they missed the bus…….by THAT much.

Check out this kid at the Beaverton Transit Center.  I shot this video of him playing with a yo-yo. He was GOOD!

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