the rise AND THE FALL

Ok so, that autumn that was so eager laid down and allowed a mysterious stranger to stomp into it’s September and walk all over it.  Our collective skin is glistening as we wipe our brows and wait for fall to rise again.

Yesterday ~ No air on the Max train.  Commuters drenched in sweat, trapped in the tinderbox on a Monday.  Pulling away from the PGE Park platform, I saw a man with a t-shirt that said, “Ice Cold”.  I snickered at the irony.  The Man next to me had his arm covered in plastic wrap to protect a fresh tattoo.  I felt like that arm; moist, ugh.

This morning, walking to Orenco Station ~ The Black Keys in my ears ~ Thick, warm air hassled me.   I’m not one who copes well with the heat but I pushed back and forged ahead.  By the afternoon commute, the humidity had lessened and there was a light breeze that held the promise of Fall’s return. We shall see….

A collection of my photos will soon be featured on the following website >>

The Status Magazine Online 🙂

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