Goin Back to Cali

I walked out of the Portland Public Service building today at 11am, into a sunshine day.  We are headed to San Francisco for a few days and I’m excited to take a lot of photos.  I’ll definitely be sharing them with you very soon.  Before I pack my bags, I suppose I should unpack some mental images…

*Walking down 6th street, A man exited a bank with a leashed cat perched on his shoulder.

*As the train pulled away from the Pioneer Square platform, I saw a young man with an overstuffed backpack brushing his teeth at a public water fountain.

*I saw a woman hovering around a large concrete planter downtown.  She puffed on her cigarette and tapped the ashes on to the leafy, green foliage . Puff puff, tap-tap. Then, she bent over the plants she had been fouling and began pulling them up by the roots, collecting them to take home and use as an ashtray there.

*Culinary students filled the train home wearing their chef ‘whites’ and pinstriped chef pants.  Many of them had boxes filled with pies, cakes and pastries they had made.

*I saw fall float through my Oregon Summer and it left a calling card.  The card said, “I’ll be back”.

Peace y’all.  I’ll try to write from San Fran….


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