Sunrise on Sunset

Driving up the Sunset Highway, I saw an extraordinary sunrise.  A marine layer created a shelf across the horizon and a sliver of nuclear, orange sun peeked over the top from its pillowy nest, casting a warm, pink glow across the sky.   My heart ached to be on a hill or mountaintop photographing it.

From my iPod, The Clash, Train In Vain began to play & jarred me back to reality.  I cranked it and crawled my way up the interstate toward by little box in the PSB building on 6th Street, Portland Oregon.

At lunchtime, I walked to the food carts on 5th between Stark & Oak.  I chose mexican…..always do.   A guy with his shirt wrapped around his head like a turban, sipped daintily on melted chocolate ice cream as if it were Grandma’s chicken soup.

Here are a few snapshots from my walk.

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