I walked out the front door this morning to find ‘John Deer’ mowing down the field of grain, wildflowers and weeds across the street.  I wonder where all the bees will go?

I had a doctor’s appointment, so I took my car instead of the train. Driving up Cornell, I saw a doe and her fawn crossing.  The doe didn’t dally, but the fawn stopped and looked around a bit before stepping up on the curb and disappearing into the brush.  I felt a great sense of joy in that moment.  To live in a place so beautiful and bountiful….

At lunch time, my friend Minerva and I grabbed Philly cheese steaks from Ben at the cheese steak cart in Pioneer Square.  A reggae band was playing and the steps were full of folks basking in the sun and having a bite to eat.  Kids and one very excited dog hopped and twirled to the music .  A group of angels from  ON THE MOVE COMMUNITY INTEGRATION shepherded a group of special needs adults through the crowd and many of them began to dance and move rhythmically to the music.  Their faces shown with pure joy.

After we finished eating, we chatted while a few guys tore down the stage.  The lunch time crowd was thinning out. Low flying pigeons swooped around the Square and forced me to duck several times.   I imagined they were quite enjoying their folly.   A young woman wearing a long, flowing summer dress and a ribbon in her hair weaved and pirouetted through the crowds in her bare feet.  I was conscious of her but not focusing on her, until she floated up to Minerva and I and extended her hand. “Gimme five!” she said.  We both gladly slapped her hand and she floated off to her next victim.  She was joyful, so joyful.  Minutes later, a young boy in a tuxedo jacket, top hat and shorts started working his way around, stopping to ask folks to ‘give him five’.  He had a monocle on his right eye.  They must have been doing an experiment.  I’m not sure, but I wanted to join them.  I wanted some of that joy and whimsy they were spreading.  I’m much too practical for that though, so we headed back to the office talking about how great it is to live in this city.

One thought on “Joy

  1. speachless. and in awe. and blessed to deeply feel this simple yet joyous hour, via your words. doning my monacle as I type. let’s go experience some whimsy.

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