Rat Race

I am not equipped for public transportation.   I endure it , because the environment suffers less and it’s cheaper….MUCH cheaper than driving.  I’m thankful for Portland’s system of trains, streetcars and buses.  But I’m not aggressive enough, rude enough, obnoxious enough or smelly enough to be successful and comfortable with the Monday through Friday commute. Among other things, I tend to shower daily, enjoy my private space  and  avoid being spooned by drunk men nodding off to the gentle movement of the train.  I have deep clarity around the fact that others don’t want to hear every word of my phone conversations.  I would rather walk 10 miles then sit in a puddle of mystery fluid.  I respect the idea of first come, first serve.  My other set of wheels is not a skateboard.  I WILL and often do give up my seat for the elderly and mothers with small children.   I could go on, but you get the picture.  It’s brutal at times….but there we all are, packed in like sardines and frowning.  He he….kind of absurd really.

Here are a few snapshots from today:


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