I Couldn’t Make This Up

In honor of Mondays, which are truly absurd, I am sharing a few absurd headlines I saw today.

Kelly Osbourne’s Puppy Dies

Palin Compares Herself to Shakespeare

Celebs Reflect on Mandela’s Birthday

Spears ~ Good Role Model For Troubled Lohan

And, in other absurd news…

Standing on the bricks of Pioneer Square, waiting for the train home, I watched a flamboyant,  young man with long hair, no shirt and skinny jeans strutting around in some sort of Vogue-ish dance ~ slash ~ catwalk…thing.  People sat on the steps watching him as if they had paid admission.  Actually, in their defence, it was hard NOT to watch him.   He was quite the attraction for a few minutes.  A security guard stopped in his tracks and stared in disbelief, no doubt trying to decide whether to stop the show.  He finally shook his head and moved on. A little boy burned off some pent-up energy, running circles around the fancy dancer and chasing pigeons into the air.   When I finally turned away to peer down the line at the approaching train, I chuckled to myself and thought, ‘I can’t make this stuff up!’


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