4 Corners

The 4 corners of Pioneer Square, Portland Oregon’s living room, reveal the city’s soul.  There is a bumper sticker / slogan, “Keep Portland Weird”  that surely could have been born on those 4 corners.  There isn’t much I have NOT seen on those bricks in my daily commute into the city.  A few recent sights…

~ A woman with a box on her head.  Big letters on the box read, “DVD”.  She was pedaling a multimedia Jesus bonanza to all passers-by.  I noticed her judgmental eye roll and head shake when the girl with the skull on her black t-shirt declined the dvd.

~ A man asked the dude holding a cardboard sign, “so, are you a typical homeless drug addict?”.  “Naw man,” he said.  “I’m just a regular old alcoholic”.

~ A guy in a trucker hat and cut-off jeans.  His bulging backpack had two fishing rods sticking out and he carried a cooler for his catch.  I’m guessing he was headed down to the waterfront of the Willamette River but, he stuck out like a sore thumb in the bustle of the city.

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