I’m approaching lucidity today.  It’s nice to feel somewhat human again  🙂

Summer finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest and it greeted me with a big, hot, humid hug when I left work this afternoon.   Now I’m home sitting by a whirring fan and watching the media feed on another beautiful disaster.  So-called experts and pundits speculate on everything from her manicured nails to her tearful plea to the judge.  They shake their heads and ask, ‘where are her parents?’  But really, she is their bread and butter.  She is our entertainment.  And no doubt  the starlet with no compass will be on Twitter to talk about it all as soon as she gets out of jail.

2 thoughts on “Lucid

  1. How can the people running her industry allow this sort of thing to happen again and again. I’m not a fan of these types, but sadly they didn’t HAVE to become “These Types”. It’s all very sad even though I don’t waste a lot of tears on them.

    (I love this blog!)

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