The ‘Lux Life’

We took an Amtrak train to Seattle on Saturday and I’m sitting in bed on the 43rd floor of a nice hotel and can see Lake Union through the wall to wall picture window.  It has been cool, dreary and wet, the kind of weather that inspires cozy naps, movies and popcorn.  But, we have managed to get out and about and yesterday saw the infamous ‘gum wall’ in Post Alley.  We had never heard of it so had not looked for it on previous visits to Seattle.  Now, we have been there/done that. It was a cross between cool and gross.  Christy felt it was mostly gross, but, I enjoyed snapping a million pictures.  We also visited a donut shop that had been featured on The Food Network.  The walls were lined with old, hardback novels, encyclopedias and reference books. While noshing on a cake donut with pink icing, a gentleman actually crawled under our table to grab two specific volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

For now, we are off to our next adventure. I’ll write more later…


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