“…send the ghosts on their way tell them they’ve had their day, it’s someone else’s tomorrow.”

Patty Griffin from “Someone Elses Tomorrow”

Mom died a few June’s ago.  At times since then, grief has been my captain, my master, my king.  But, I’m still standing and, about a year ago, Mom started visiting me in my dreams.  I don’t know, maybe it’s weird, but, it has been comforting.   The dreams unfolded  like a tv series.  First, she returned from the dead.  Then, I had to come to terms with her second coming because, what if she left again?  Then slowly, I got comfortable with her being there.  She became a fixture in my dreams, standing by to comfort me, offer advice, encourage me….

Sunday night, my sleep was fitful.  My dreams were fitful too.  And, though I don’t remember the details anymore, I can recall the one thing that matters.  Mom passed away….again.  She slipped away from my fitful night, leaving me wondering why.  Will she be back?  Was her presence no longer necessary?  Whatever the answers, I have to trust that she knows best.  Mothers always know best.


One thought on “Ghosts

  1. That post was a hug to all of us who have lost our parents. Seems they always watch from somewhere… -and do we as their children ever really stop needing them?

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