Fleet Week

Its “Fleet Week” in the City of Roses. Vessels from the US Navy, Coast Guard & the Canadian Maritime Forces are arriving for their annual visit.  On a midday walk downtown, I saw groups of sailors in their traditional, white uniforms navigating the rain-slick streets with maps and GPS devices.  The  mounted police were out and about as well.  Moving along 6th St as a unit, the hooves of their rides filled the air with, ‘cloppity clop, cloppity clop’.  And, on 5th street, ‘the king’ held court in front of The Hilton.  His robe, a ragged blue sleeping bag. His crown, a donut of wiry silver hair.

Later, at home, I saw devastating images of birds coated in the effects of our nation’s greed, as if they had been dipped in chocolate.   It made me sick.

One thought on “Fleet Week

  1. I was touched by the two conversations I saw happening on the waterfront yesterday. There was a young sailor listening to an older man outfitted in his dress uniform, and another “younger” sailor listening to an older gentleman in a baseball cap with his ships name on it. It made me tear up a little. I am not sure if it was the nostalgia of it, or the fact that we have a massive military system… and the world seems no closer to peace…..

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